Visit of State Secretary Van Rijn to China

State Secretary Van Rijn started his visit to China on October 31 with a network reception at the residence in Beijing. During the network reception, he also witnessed the signing of several Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) between businesses and research institutes.

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The Netherlands and China against the antibiotic resistance together

The Netherlands shares his knowledge in the field of antibiotic resistance with China. Researchers will collaborate in the fight against the advancing antibiotic resistance. This is important because bacteria, which are insensitive to the action of many or all of the antibiotics, spread with travelers or food products all over the world.

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Opportunities for Dutch semiconductor equipment companies in China

The semiconductor industry is extremely important for both China and the Netherlands. China accounts for 56% of the global semiconductor sales market which totals 330 billion US$. In addition, in 2015 China was the only region in the world that showed growth year over year in semiconductor sales, namely +7.7%.

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Open access for Chinese publications within 12 months

The National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have announced a new open access policy for academic researchers (see CAS statement). All articles that are based on governmental Science and Technology programs, as well as all  publicly funded projects should become accessible to everyone within 12 months after publication. This is either achieved via the publishers, and universities will also provide access via their own repositories to which researchers upload their published manuscripts.

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Source: NOST China News

Dutch education and research become more international

The international group of scientists and university staff has increased in the years 2007-2013 by 50%, according to the latest staff number of VSNU. Meanwhile, more than one third of the academic staff of universities are non-Dutch nationality. VSNU chairman Karl Dittrich said, “Dutch universities increasingly appear to be the home for the best international scientists. Dutch students benefit from this, but also the Dutch society as a whole. ”

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Chinese delegation visited IMARES and Delta

A Chinese delegation of six leading scientists visited the IMARES Wageningen UR in Yerseke and Zeeland Delta. The scientists visited IMARES under the Delta Alliance network, an association of universities and companies worldwide to exchange the knowledge of deltas.

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Source: website of Wageningen University and Research Center.