Video: Sino-Dutch collaborations at Beijing Design Week

Societies the world over are facing great challenges today. Populations are ageing; and the fossil fuels on which they run are becoming scarcer. At the same time population growth has put pressure on the quality of life, infrastructure and environmental quality of cities worldwide. But there is good news too. The Netherlands together with international partners, including China, is actively helping to face these global challenges together.

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Source: Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Mission on integrated urban and ecological development visits China

From December 1 to 5, a Dutch mission on integrated urban and ecological development headed by Siebe Riedstra, Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will visit China. The mission will have a busy schedule, attending the annual high level meeting of the China Council on International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) held in Beijing. The mission will also visit the Ministry of Environmental Protection where a book on strategic environmental assessment will be presented.

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Source: Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Chinese delegation visited IMARES and Delta

A Chinese delegation of six leading scientists visited the IMARES Wageningen UR in Yerseke and Zeeland Delta. The scientists visited IMARES under the Delta Alliance network, an association of universities and companies worldwide to exchange the knowledge of deltas.

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Source: website of Wageningen University and Research Center.

China learns from Dutch museums

One of the top officials of the Ministry of Culture in Beijing, Zhu Di, visited museums the Netherlands along with museum directors and an artist.

He wanted to learn from the Netherlands, but also thought it good that Dutch could learn about China. “Right now,” said Zhu Di, “Chinese seem to know about European culture more than that Europeans know about Chinese culture.”

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R&D Cooperation between European companies and universities in China

‘R&D Cooperation between European companies and universities in China’, that was the title of a fully booked workshop organized this morning by the European Chamber R&D Forum in Shanghai.

The speakers presented an interesting mix of research on R&D cooperation and actual examples of past and on-going projects between multinational companies and Chinese universities.

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News on February 19, 2014, from the NOST China News.

Dutch Culture and OCT Group renew cooperation

From 3 to 8 December, Director of Dutch Culture, centre for international cooperation Mr. Cees de Graaff, and Head of its China Desk Ms. Monique Knapen joined a Dutch cultural delegation visited Beijing and Shenzhen, led by Director-General for Culture and Media from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ms. Marjan Hammersma.

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News posted on January 24, 2014, from the website of Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Knoops gaat lesgeven in China

Shandong University (China) has appointed the crimial law professor Geert-Jan Knoops as guest lecturer. Knoops, who is best known as a lawyer, is going to give lectures to undergraduate and graduate students two weeks per year.

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News on December 16, 2013, on NOS.