University in China promotes language studies

Beijing Foreign Studies University in China has launched a nationwide search for students with the passion and talent to study the languages used in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. The specialized university kicked off an independent recruitment program to find candidates for 22 language majors that will be offered in the next academic year. Amongst others, Dutch is one of the languages.

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Sino-Dutch Shadowing Program asks for continuation

A regional training center strives for more internships in China. A vocational school wants teachers to gain international experience. Another regional training center sets the goal of increasing incoming students’ mobility. The Sino-Dutch Shadowing Program, which helps these organizations on the way, will be over soon.

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Alarm on water consumption in food production

In the production of food, groundwater is used in many countries more quickly than it can be supplemented. Deficiencies, in the long run, endanger the food production.

Almost everyone is affected by this, according to the researcher Carole Dalin at University College London to the BBC. “When water supplies run out, food prices go up.” Dalin, together with others, studies water consumption in agriculture.

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